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Hybrid Tubing

Hybrid tubing typically consists of a polyimide base layer with a thermoplastic outer layer. It is constructed from both thermoset polyimide and a thermoplastic polymer, which includes:

  • Pebax®
  • Nylon 11
  • Nylon 12 (Vestamid®)

Our hybrid tubing is perfect for applications that require diameters of .0080 to .065 inches (.2032 to 1.651 mm) combined with the strength of polyimide as well as the added benefit of flexibility and thermal bonding.

Hybrid tubing can be provided with reinforcement. For additional information, see Reinforced Tubing.

Hybrid Tubing

Dimensions and Capabilities

Tubing IDWall Thickness
.008” to 0.091” (.203 to 2.31 mm).0005” to .007” (.0127 to .178 mm)